Meet the Team

Shane Rose - Coach

Shane Rose turned professional in November 1985. He started his professional career at Kingsthorpe golf club. He then moved abroad to take up a full time teaching role in Holland.  He became a fully qualified member of the PGA at the end of 1990. On becoming a fully qualified member of the PGA Shane moved back to the UK to pursue a playing career. After some success locally he played a number of tournaments on The Scandinavian tour and Challenge Tour. Whilst playing and competing full time he worked on his game with well known European Tour Coach and Sky sports presenter Dennis Pugh. This gave Shane the insight to coaching, working with Dennis gave him the knowledge that he needed to understand the golf swing. He then become a student of the game and the golf swing rather than a player. He then took on the Head Professionals role at Cold Ashby Golf Club. Over the last 15 years or more he has worked with and helped a number of players achieved their dreams and goals, from coaching tri golf to primary school children to coaching players in an Open Championship. With over 30 years of playing and coaching experience, Shane has a wealth of knowledge to help any golfer achieve there ambitions. More recently Shane has been recognised by the PGA for all his input to the game with Fellow Membership status. This level of membership is held by less than 200 PGA members around the world. He was also voted Northamptonshire Coach of the year in 2014.

Tiger has been seeing Shane since December 2016, after sustaining a knee injury and wanting to change his swing to prolong his playing career. Before seeing Shane, Tiger had seen a number of coaches, including Tony Howarth, Joe Wilson, Carl Sainsbury, James Whittemore, Mark Hetherington, Simon Dainty, Paul Simpson and Kelvin Vince. However, after assessing a number of local coaches Tiger saw Shane as the key to not only developing a swing to prevent injury, but through his experience of being a player and by coaching Tour Pro’s, a way to take his game to the next level.

Nick Soto - Putting Coach

Nick Soto is currently the Head Professional at Northampton Golf Club, a club he holds the professional course record at [62]. Having competed on various Professional Mini Tours, Nick now spends the majority of his time coaching, but still competes in Midland Region and National PGA Tournaments.

Tiger has been seeing Nick since October 2016, after realising that his technical knowledge of the putting stroke was at a bare minimum, Tiger sought after a Short game and Putting Specialist. Coupled with SAM Puttlab technology, not only did his technical ability improve, but also his knowledge of putting fundamentals. This has been paramount in changing Tiger from average amateur golfer, to having a game ready for the pro ranks.

Keith Haynes - Psychologist

Keith Haynes has over 45 years experience of delivering education, training and performance coaching across the UK, South East Asia, Australia and the USA. Keith is also a qualified trainer, master practitioner and coach in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), as well as a master practitioner in time-line therapy and hypnosis. Over the years Keith has achieved a number of national awards. Among the professional teaching qualifications Keith holds is Northamptonshire’s first Master Mind-Factor Coach (programme developed by Karl Morris ex PGA touring professional who is regarded as Europe’s top golf psychologist with six major winners, as well as other world number one’s, Ryder Cup captains and Ryder Cup players). Keith also gained the PGA approved ‘certificate in golf psychology’ in 2012.

Tiger has been seeing Keith since August 2018, after a continuous run of bad form and trying to find answers elsewhere, Tiger turned to Keith to resurrect his game. To put it in perspective, in the 2018 season, up to the point where Tiger started seeing Keith, he was at a total of +78 over par for the season, had shot in the 80’s more times than the 60’s, had only 10 rounds without a double bogey and had a scoring average of 73.88. After learning new routines and techniques, the 2019 season couldn’t have been more of the opposite. With a total score to par of -5, 13/44 rounds in the 60’s, 28/44 rounds under par and a scoring average of 71.5 (to date 7/11/19). On top of this, every accolade Tiger has achieved listed on the home page (besides appearance highlights), has been since starting with Keith.